No collateral no guarantor with a  cap amount of $40,000. Three months repayment period and

Personal Loans

Silva Auto Finance:

Designed to assist customers purchase, repair or ensure their motor vehicle.

Silva Homes:

We will partner with you to purchase a home or, repairs/renovations cost.

Silva Emergency:

Designed for customers who are in need of loans for basic personal emergencies, such as a funeral, medical emergencies, back to school expenses.

Business Loans

Silva Line

Silva Line is a flexible credit facility for companies who need to improve their working capital and/or cash flow. If your business is retooling & re-engineering operations, this is the loan for you!

Silva Umbrella:

This loan is tailored to help expand their operations and increase revenue. Would your business benefit from a new van or truck that is being added to the fleet? Want to refurbish or expand existing storage space?

Silva Payroll:

We’ll partner with you to provision your payroll to your staff efficiently and conveniently. Repayment is handled through automatic deductions and loaned funds are disbursed by bank transfer.